Thermo-Flow Modular Cooler By Thermo Tec

Michelle Baird | March 8, 2021

The Thermo-Flow Modular Cooler By Thermo Tec expands the cooling capacity of intercoolers, oil-cooling systems, transmissions, power-steering or fuel systems.

Thermo Tec

Its unique design of cooling fins within the inner and outer surfaces provide maximum cooling efficiency by pulling the heat out of any liquid that passes through it, dissipating heat into the ambient air surround the coolers.

Thermo-Tec’s new Thermo-Flow modular coolers can either supplement or replace traditional fluid coolers, by integrating heat-sink fins in straight sections of tubing which can be grouped together to provide cooling to any automotive fluid you’d like cool. Prices start at $269.21. Here is a video with more details:

Video | Thermo-Flow Modular Cooler By Thermo Tec

Thermo Tec

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