AZOP Racing P Mountain Grand Prix and Hare Scramble

Michelle Baird | March 25, 2021

The AZOP Rowley White RV Series held its third round of the 2021 season, the P Mountain Grand Prix and Hare Scramble sponsored by SinFab Racing and Page Honda Polaris in Page, Arizona.

This is a race report provided by AZOP/ Photos and Story by KarakurtMP

The P Mountain Grand Prix and Hare Scramble began Saturday with the Grand Prix on a 5-mile track through the rocky and soft sands of the canyons and desert. Sunday was the Hare Scramble on a roughly 13-mile track though the original track and much further into the high-speed whoop sections around P Mountain—the big rock across from Horseshoe Bend with the letter “P” painted on its side—and back up and around then back down through the canyon to the finish line. This course ate up bikes and UTVs alike thanks to the deeply rutted washes and turns, and the hidden rock edges jetting out of the loose fine sand.

The chilly Saturday morning began with a new race schedule for the UTV 170cc/250cc classes. First to the start were the Advanced and Modified classes of the UTV 170cc/250s. Before the green flag was waved, 15 racers lined up at the start eager to take off. Green flag was waved and the first wave off down the very tight Pee Wee track down along the fence line of the neighboring steel yard, and 180 degrees back up under the power lines. After 14 laps Allison Furnell took first place with a 13 second lead over second place Cameron Leaming, and third place Cash Harper.

The second half of the UTV 170cc/250cc took off later for their own race on the same track. Reed Rather placed first over second place Bentley Rainer, and third place Triton Lawrence. Sunday’s race resulted in a changeup in podium positions. In the Advanced and Modified race Declan Shield brought home first, in second came Allision Furnell, and third place Connor Power. For the Beginner’s race, Reed Rather again placed first, second Triton Lawrence, and third place Dexter Warren.

Up next was the Pee Wee Quads race with 13 entries for their turn.  On Saturday, Cutter Gehrts from Buckeye narrowly placed first beating  Tyler Wade, and placing third was  Kaiden Lee. Sunday saw a slight change in the podium positions, with first place Tyler Wade, second place Kaiden Lee, and third place Cutter Gehrts.

To finish the Pee Wee classes was the Pee Wee Bike race. Saturday brought out 13 entries to the starting line. The Pee Wee track was extremely fast for the bikes with the long straight away along the fence. After an amazing 20 laps, a lap more than second and two laps more than third, Tanner Sutton out of Williams, AZ placed first. Coming in second was Courtney Curley racing in her home town of Page, and in third place was Jayce Tracy also from Page. The following day, the Pee Wee Bikes were the first on the starting line. Tanner Sutton again blew his competition off the track quickly taking first with 21 laps, a lap over second place Shay Anderson. With 19 laps Antonio Laybarrios took home third place.

On Saturday, the Mini Bikes and Pull Start raced on the same Grand Prix track. The pull starts resorted to pushing their bikes up the steep sandy hill on the back side of the track. Hayden Thomas  dominated the pull starts with a one lap lead for a total of three laps coming in first. Garett Rymer came in second and Lee Foster came in third.  For the Mini Bikes, Asa Vemette placed first with a near 6-minute lead over Lance Guevarra, and third place Blake Gilbert.

The following day, Sunday, the Pull Starts raced on the Pee Wee course. What a riot that was! While these guys are serious about earning their trophy, they still know how to have some good fun and bring a bit of comic relief. After the first lap,  Johnny Rudell changed into a clown outfit with a mask that fit over his helmet and painted on the back “free candy”. At times it was difficult to distinguish between if the other Pull Starts were running away from the clown or chasing him for the free candy. No report on whether there was indeed “free candy”.

Mini Quads were up next with 5 entries. All Mini Quads finished on Saturday with three laps. Coming in first was Rachel Skaggs out of Williams, AZ. Behind Rachel coming in second was Ryder Nugent, and in third Jose Llamas.

The next day, Mini Bikes and Mini Quads raced at the same time on the Grand Prix track. It was interesting to say the least to see quads and bikes on the track passing each other at times. Rachel Skaggs held her podium position coming in first again with Jose Llama placing second, and Sarah Tsosie coming in third. In the Mini Bikes classes, Asa Vemette held onto the top box, Lance Guevarra kept his position in second and Eddy Panuco placed third.

Coming up on the Big Quad race there were 21 entries on Saturday and 16 on Sunday. Logan Huff out of St. George, Utah placed first in the Grand Prix and in the Hare Scramble. Both days of racings resulted in the same podium positions. Erin Simmons from Page placed second and Noah Harris from Lears, Colorado placed third.

The UTV 570cc classes raced the Grand Prix track both days. All the drivers finished the race on Saturday with Ryan Bedoya coming in first, Braden Krah in second and  TJ Siewers placing third. Sunday saw a changeup in podium position with TJ Siewers working his way to the lead to take home first. Braden Krah gave up P1 for second place, and Alexia Leaming came in third.

The last up to race this rough track were the big UTVs. Drivers and their codrivers took off while their pit crews waited and sweep riders staged in the back side of the track. Glen Banta rolled his Can-Am shortly after taking off instantly putting him out of the race. The track was unforgiving for UTV with the long whoop sections and hidden boulders jetting out of the fine loose sand. Saturday’s Grand Prix resulted in #320 Dakota Smith placing first, Bo Radavich placing second, and Katin Ladin in third. After Saturday’s beating on the UTVs, 16 of the prior day’s 21 drivers came to the start. The 13 miles of the Hare Scramble was going to finish whatever the Grand Prix track did not. The first lap took out two of Saturday’s podium winners, Dakota Smith and Katin Ladin. In his hometown of Page, Arizona, Ian Sessions with a minute lead crossed the finish line in P1. Coming in was Tyler Hurlock out of Cave Creek, Arizona, and in third was Dan Hurn out of Peoria, Arizona driving his Can-Am.

As always, the AZOP Racing Rowley White RV Series would like to thank SinFab Racing, Page Honda Polaris, Rowley White RV, and all its sponsors, staff, volunteers, racers, and spectators for making this another great race weekend.  For complete race results and upcoming events visit


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