Sunnyside OffRoad UTV Trailer

Michelle Baird | February 17, 2021

Startup Sunnyside OffRoad launches extreme off-road capable, ultralight camping trailer.

This is a press release from Sunnyside OffRoad…

Reno, NV (February 16, 2021) — Sunnyside OffRoad is re-creating recreating.  With its ultralight design and advanced long-travel suspension, the Boony Stomper is engineered and tested for higher-speed towing over the roughest terrain.

Sunnyside OffRoad UTV Trailer

This ultralight camping trailer is perfect for any tow vehicle including a side-by-side. The Boony’s incredibly smooth ride will allow UTV riders, hunters, rock crawlers, overlanders and backcountry adventurers to re-create recreating. Finally, a trailer that will not slow you down or inhibit your off-roading. This trailer is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast looking to replace tent pitching or the traditional heavy, rough riding overland trailers for a lightweight, comfortable, higher speed, off-road camper.

Sunnyside OffRoad UTV Trailer
This custom off-road teardrop camper is available in many color with lots of fun options.
Sunnyside OffRoad UTV Trailer water crossing

Sunnyside OffRoad Boony Stomper UTV Highlights:

  • Manufactured in Reno, Nevada
  • Base model weight is only 586 lbs.
  • Custom fabricated long travel suspension and load adjusting coil over shocks
  • Rugged steel frame, aluminum sided, durable construction
  • Seam sealed doors, dust-proof, insulated sleeper trailer
  • Starting at $8395
  • Some of the optional upgrades include a TV, powered fan, internal and external lights, solar panel, AC/DC power station, custom fit mattress, second door and hybrid DOT/UTV tires
Sunnyside OffRoad UTV Trailer
Sunnyside OffRoad UTV Trailer
Custom fabricated long-travel suspension allows your off-road camping trailer to go just about anywhere your UTV or vehicle will go.

Video | Sunnyside OffRoad’s Boony Stomper

Founder Jon Whipple: “I was tired of pitching tents nightly on my long side-by-side rides, and there simply wasn’t a camper/trailer on the market that was light enough, smooth enough or tough enough to handle the extreme terrain I ride. Most importantly, I needed a sleeper trailer with incredible suspension that would not slow me down or affect my ride.”

Sunnyside OffRoad UTV Trailer

Co-Owner Darrel Weaver: “I’ve spent my career with great brands, including Nike and Oakley, which lead the industry in technology, product development and performance. Similarly, the Boony’s suspension is industry leading. There just isn’t a camping trailer on the market that can travel as fast in rough terrain while being light enough for UTV towing.”

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