GSP XTV Revolution CV Axles

Michelle Baird | January 11, 2021

The Revolution axles are the newest in the GSP XTV collection. They use “Hollow Tube Twist” technology. The hollow-tube shaft is designed to slightly twist under torque, so that rather than snapping, the GSP Revolution axle allows for some ‘give’ to keep the wheels turning and the power to the ground.

GSP XTV Revolution Axles Features:

  • Hollow Tube Twist Technology
  • Reduces Shock Load
  • Reduces Harmful Driveline Harmonics
  • Featherlight Construction
  • Premium Moly Grease Designed to Excel Performance

Video | GSP XTV Revolution Axles

GSP XTV Axles, in the GSP Automotive Network, has three lines of ATV/UTV CV axles: Heavy Duty (HD), Xtreem Duty (XD)  and Revolution Axles.

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