Sedona Tire & Wheel Buck Snort Tires

Michelle Baird | December 9, 2020

The Buck Snort tires from Sedona Tire & Wheel, distributed by Western Power Sports, were designed for the hunting enthusiast who needs a beefy tire with plenty traction for when they go off the beaten path.

Sedona Tire and Wheel | On The Hunt

The video below highlights the capabilities of the Buck Snort, Coyote, and Mud Rebel RT tires from Sedona Tire & Wheel as the team goes off the grid in search of big game and good times on four wheels.


The center lugs of the Buck Snort’s aggressive tread design take inspiration from the shape of deer hooves. And the lugs are siped for added traction and durability.

The puncture-resistant 6-ply-rated Buck Snort’s have built-in rim guards to protect the wheels, and the side lugs are designed to add more grip in extreme conditions.

Sedona Tire & Wheel Buck Snort Tires Specifications:

  • Bias-ply construction
  • Front-tire weight: 22 pounds
  • Rear-tire weight: 26 pounds
  • Front-tire load rating: 340 pounds
  • Rear-tire load rating: 420 pounds
  • Prices: $123.95-$172.99
Part # Size Construction Ply Inflated Pressure Weight Load Rating Price
570-4350 25×8-12 Bias 6 PR 7 PSI 22 lb. 340 lb. $123.95
570-4351 25×10-12 Bias 6 PR 7 PSI 25.97 lb. 420 lb. $141.95
570-4352 27×9-14 Bias 6 PR 7 PSI 28.45 lb. 420 lb. $152.95
570-4353 27×11-14 Bias 6 PR 7 PSI 31.4 lb. 495 lb. $172.99

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