Tech Tues | Installing SuperATV’s Heavy Duty Radiator

Michelle Baird | November 17, 2020

Whether you busted your stock radiator or your Polaris General is overheating and going into limp mode, SuperATV has heavy-duty radiators that replace the OEM one in Polaris Generals. SuperATV says that these radiators cool 26% more efficiently than stock radiator and are more durable.

SuperATV's Heavy Duty Radiator

SuperATV Polaris General Heavy-Duty Radiator Features:

  • MSRP: $224.95
  • Made of 100% aluminum
  • OEM fit
  • 26% improved cooling capacity
  • Utilizes high-efficiency air fins
  • Engineered for high-performance engines

Here’s the video on how to install it.

TechTues Video | How to Install SuperATV’s Heavy-Duty Radiator in Polaris General

SuperATV's Heavy Duty Radiator install guide
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