GBC Tires Dirt Commander 2.0

Michelle Baird | October 24, 2020

The Dirt Commander 2.0 from GBC Tires is made with similar tread blocks from the original Dirt Commander tire, but has a radial design instead of a biased construction.

GBC Tires Dirt Commander 2.0

Here is the complete press release from GBC:

GBC Tires has always stood at the forefront of design and innovation since its well-received inception in 1995. Moving forward into 2020, the tradition continues with the release of its newest UTV tire, the Dirt Commander 2.0. GBC used the popular tread blocks from the original Dirt Commander, and replaced the biased construction with a radial design.200903 30-inch Dirt Commander 2.0 radial tire

GBC also added strong square shoulder lugs to complement the new radial construction, helping the tire maintain grip and bite even during extreme speeds and cornering. The 2.0 design consists of a flatter profile across the tread face, giving drivers maximum acceleration and braking power even in the toughest conditions.

GBC Tires Dirt Commander 2.0

Additionally, GBC redesigned the tread blocks for easier clean out and debris removal, and added deeper sipes for greater tread flex when you need it most. The tire also boasts enhanced sidewall protection courtesy of sturdy and elongated sidewall lugs, which help drivers power through tight paths and obstacles with confidence and ease. These features give the Dirt Commander 2.0 the ability to handle a variety of landscapes, from rocky trails and desert driving to soft and intermediate terrains.

The Dirt Commander 2.0 was developed in conjunction with Yamaha and their newest UTV, which launched in early September this year. Standard models of Yamaha’s all-new Wolverine RMAX2 1000 will come equipped with 30-inch Dirt Commander 2.0 radial tires. GBC Tires and Yamaha have maintained a strong and professional partnership since the release of the Wolverine XT-R, which debuted last year and came factory stock with a radial version of the original Dirt Commander tire.

With seven sizes scheduled for release, all with an 8 ply rating, GBC aims to cover a wide variety of vehicles and applications. The 2.0 will no doubt give consumers something to look forward to in terms of new features and benefits, and the sleek design of the tire will capture the attention of drivers looking to give their vehicle a more aggressive and stylish look.

With three sizes scheduled to be available to the public by the end of the month and three more to be available before year’s end, the 2.0 is trail ready for any excursion or adventure you can dream of.

30×10.00R14 (8 Ply)
28×10.00R14 (8 Ply)
29×9.00R14 (8 Ply)
29×11.00R14 (8 Ply) 32×10.00R15 (8 Ply)
33×10.00R15 (8 Ply)
35×10.00R15 (8 Ply)

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